Asexuals vs sexuals

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Asexuals vs sexuals

Postby PiF » Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:51 am

Let me get this straight from minute one..we are no different..if you are a true asexual then we have just one difference..when we were made like a car with options..most had the sexual attraction extra box ticked..asexuals did not..beyond that we are no different

In Aven ....the amount of hostility towards sexuals is rarely checked, corrected or challenged..I have as usual..complained about this for years but it still continues mostly unchallenged.

You know it's weird..the amount of times I've been called an asexual elitist for pleading we promote accurately what is and isn't an asexual, I've lost count of..weird then..for a site that claims one of its main aims is visibility how we don't like saying no to those who are not..not in a nasty way but more what one is and nothing else.."man your elitist"

for me asexual elitism is when such threads as this... the starred bit is the title....shit sexual people say to asexuals ... try2053409

this for me is asexual elitism..where some see asexuals as a higher place because we do not have sex like them durty sexuals

demi/semi/grey all work on the premise that they only have sex with people they have an attraction to or a"a bond"...derrrrr... what a bunch of ignorant pricks....this supposes that sexuals all woalk around with a permamnent hard on or dripping from their crutch just wanting to f*ck every minute of every day!

contrary to that elitist view..most sexuals prefer to have sex with people they know or feel they have a bond with, an attraction too or feel at comfortable with..this is sexuality..this is often misquoted as semi/demi/grey..your all sexuals no matter how much you try the asexual t shirt on..your sexuals so stop stop stop putting down sexuals as though they are some wonderlust creatures of a bad taste!!!

Firstly..quite a lot of asexuals have sex..the definition is lack of sexual attraction not the lack of ability or physical act

secondly..most of those looking down on sexuals tend to be the aven majority..sexuals

it's almost like that gay man that marries a female to hide his sexuality and then curses gays to protest in his new peer group rather than admit he is gay. Most of those dissrespecting sexuasl are ....sexuals...claiming to be asexual in some way..methinks they do protest too much

Look..personally I'd scrap avens grey forum, create a subforum in ..For Sexual Partners, Friends and Allies..and perhaps then the majority of aven will realise they are valueable allies but they are not asexual. It might even incorrage them to stop treating sexuals like dirt

Sexuals are like us, they stress as teens looking for labels and applying them in a post it note fashion, go to school, college, uni, stress about relationships, mortgages, jobs, children, providing, what am i? know..they are us..we are no different

If you as a genuine asexual ever see this kind of asexual elitism by an a asexual or more likely a semi sexual..please stamp it out, please remind those people there are enough people trying to seperate us without us doing it ourself.

Sexuals are our allies and are as equal as us in every way