Annnd the award for the most labels goes toooo

For discussion of general issues pertaining to asexuality.
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Annnd the award for the most labels goes toooo

Postby PiF » Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:56 am

An asexual person is a person who does not experience sexual attraction.,,,and that is the clearest answer to your question....unless your in the other place

and it's unchallenged comments that seem to be freely avaliable in there that leads to the confusion about what we are and in particular asexuality means not having sex

so just me saying that some might poo poo so I thought, lets see how it's members are putting their "asexuality" is defined by their avatar description and it saddens me to see not only how many are wrong but also the lengths some go to to try and make it every definition in the sexual arena

here are a few

A/Sexuality: Polyflexible Asexual, Gray-Panromantic: rare Demi-Apathromantic

A/Sexuality: Cupioflux, pandemiromantic, omnisthetic, homoalterous

A/Sexuality: Greyplaciopansexual (Grey-ace, placiosexual, pansexual)

A/Sexuality: sex-indifferent ace, gray-bi-frayromantic and heteroromantic, strongly homoasthetic

A/Sexuality: Heterosensual, grey-heteroromantic, reciprosexual nonlibidoist. Kinky, submissive exhibitionist.

I'm sure some can find even more longer and non relevant desctiptions to asexuality but it is for me not so much how we are allowing ourselves to vere away from what asexuality is....but the lack of clarity we offer to those who genuinely are asexual and the honesty to say to those who clearly are not asexual, have you tried lgbt forums?..the balance of inclusivity has clearly gone from borderline to the rediculous and alice in wonderland definitions which do little other than harm us or others belief in what we are

This is not about them and is about US putting ourselves first in a way we can offer a home for those looking for fellow asexuals and we fail to do that when we see the sillyness above and do little to correct it

I am at a loss at the momment but very greatfull that Apos whilst welcoming all...remains an Asexual information centre and a home for asexuals.