If your looking for a definition of asexuality

For discussion of general issues pertaining to asexuality.
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If your looking for a definition of asexuality

Postby PiF » 09 Nov 2015, 12:28

If your looking for definitive definition..your shit out of luck..trust me I've tried..nothing would make me happier than to unleash the beast and say..most of you lot..your not asexual..stop projecting nonsense as asexuality..your doing asexualities future severe damage

won't stop me looking though ...but trust me..it isn't there

if your looking for a blueprint dna ..this is what an asexual is....you will never find an agreed definition ...dammit..never..dammit again

so if your looking for a photograph of what an asexual is....the closest your ever going to get is... a painting

a persons sexuality..or lack of it is so personal, that one persons steak..... is another persons tofu...a persons sexuality is like a chinese buffet

you may get a lot of people eating from the same buffet but hardly anyone of them will eat the exact same meal

if your looking for a load of definitions to pour into a funnel in the hope at the thin end only one will come out...your f*cked

An asexual person is a person who does not experience sexual attraction.

if however you understand that the funnel in the real world is....upside down..then you will understand asexualities definition is the main ingredient that goes into the upside down small end..but not the only ingredient that comes out the fat end...shit load of interpretations is what comes out

Personally I find that frustrating..correct..but frustrating..dammit

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Re: If your looking for a definition of asexuality

Postby PiF » 22 Jan 2016, 22:35

I often wonder just how many narcassists are identifying as asexual.

Sexuals saying I am so special and much better than everyone else that I chose, when, how, who with and even IF I have sex with anyone....this isn't asexual, not even the pretend asexual lite, this is sexual

I see the usual definition row is still going......still with the same half dozen trying to change it...same half dozen ignoring the largest aven poll ever's majority saying leave it as it is but still at the same time claiming it's avens fault for "sending out mixed signals"

It really isn't. An asexual is a person who lacks sexual attraction...this is incredibly easy to understand and the majority by the vote seem to understand it perfectly fine.

What is sexual attraction..well I am sexually attracted to you...an asexual I am not sexually attracted to anyone...it is as easy as that..it really could not be easier

But lets say the noisy half dozen get their way and the definition replaces attraction with desire...wouldn't be the first time a minority has forced something on the majority..but lets say it happens

Knowing aven..how long do you think it would be before there are arguments that people will be saying...aven is sending us mixed signals, and the definition is wrong...I don't understand the desire term...avenites just like to bitch and feel okay with it because most of them are not asexual of any kind.

Why do you think asexuality has so many labels?.....because most want to belong to a rare club so they can say at their teenage/early adult years that they "are different"...it is no coincidence most stop claiming they are asexual of some form once they leave uni/college.

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