Why Aven cannot change the definition

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Why Aven cannot change the definition

Postby PiF » Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:16 pm

Okay, not just Aven but a penny to a pound of horse shit if there is sillyness involved then aven is at the forefront, but it could just as much be tumblr, twatter, feckbook, the bloggers who blog but don't want you to look at it shhhh asexual agender etc

Back in the day just as Asexuality was being mainstreamed ( i.e. a forum specifically for) viewtopic.php?f=14&t=448

we needed a reason for why we were different, the general consensus was that we lacked sexual attraction so that would be an ideal target definition to aim for as it fitted just right...at the beginning not much else existed for us. For those who say " I do not know what sexual attraction is..I do not believe you. I will explain though for some genuinely confused

I am sexually attracted to..is sexual attraction..now I feel that it is as simple as I am sexually attracted to another human..animals do not count as that is called bestiality and you sick people are not asexual, nor are those who claim sexual attraction to children paedophilia, you are not asexual at all, your sick and both groups come under a mental illness diagnosis..see dsm

back to the human decent people...As an asexual I would see, being a straight male asexual ...an attractive woman and may think..what an attractive woman..and it stops there, the end, nothing else, nada..... If I were a straight sexual maIe I might think...I'd like to take that home and bang it till she can only walk round in circles afterwards :D

Now the thing here is...not all sexuals are walking around with a boner 24/7,,,or wet dripping knickers or even thinking about sex all the time..they simply do not ....and when MOST do it then it tends to be with someone with whom they have a connection with wether long term, short term or even one night...this is however what sexuals do....within asexual forums...this covers 90% of it's members..of which some have been infected by labelitist and have tried with labels for sexuality, tried to dress them up as asexuality..grey semi demi lith auto and ..lets be honest every other week someone tries a new label for sexuality whilst claiming it is asexuality..it's not..your sexual..there is nothing wrong with being sexual at all...be honest with yourself....okay lets move on

because those wanting to join "the club" of asexuality but knowing they are sexuals...they make up silly labels...this has meant often some of those who know the definition of sexual attraction but do not fit in with it, have tried to change the definition on a few occasions

I've pointed out before, in aven that they had a thread/poll that was launched in june 2014 and to this day those demanding it be changed to a specific desire definition never went above 24%...never...Ever

the biggest majority by nearly half of those who voted said..yup you guessed it..leave the definition alone...Although I must admit I do enjoy watching star bit running around aven after the newbies trying to get his desire version in first , it's like watching Sheldon :lol:

despite taking a pasting in the poll and claiming if you didn't vote with them then you must be stupid..yes they did say that..they were under the impression they had the right to change things.

and in my rather long winded way I get to the point

Ten years ago when the asexual movement was created (generally) the definition was as accurate then as it is today but...aven is no longer the only show in town..of course you have Apositive..the best in my book :clap: , tumblrnumpty groups, feckbook groups, Twatter groups, blogging groups, etc

then you also have branding..We've touched on this before..we asexuals are known by the "lacking sexual attraction" by doctors, dsm's media and many other groups that to change it would pretty much be impossible

the only way we could change the lacking sexual attraction definition is as a collective, all the groups of the asexual movements and those who are aware of us.....I do not think that is possible to be honest...You ever seen an sexual labellitist group agree? ...I personally am happy the way it is defined currently

Aven does not have the power, numbers or right to change the definition on it's own...thankfully enough members of aven knew this and appreciate the definition we use is as good as it gets if you are going to continue to use such terms as umbrella and spectrum

personally I think we should be honest and accept most asexuals are not..but simply teenagers going through college identifying as anything they want and for some they feel at that time some form of asexuality might be them ( the census backs me up here :D )

I hate it, don't agree with it but understand it is what it is so I can live with it

Aven may have been once the only show in town so for that at least some recognition that they largely started it..but some within aven need to understand...aven does not control asexuality nor control it's future...even less so half a dozen people who do not like to lose no matter what the cost.

Asexuals are many groups..as long as aven remembers that, we should (generally) get on fine..if they want to change the deinition then they need a lot more than just aven, they need everyone and I can't see that ever happening

so for now the definition is ....a person who does not experience sexual attraction..and that just seems to work out just fine and dandy