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10 myths about Asexuality

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:01 am
by PiF
We ourselves are largely responsible for these so I thought I would try and clarify some in my own way :D

(1) I will never has sex as an Asexual.....Nope. Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction and nothing more, whether you have sex or not is entirely down to you

(2) As an Asexual I will never have kids...Nope, like sex, whether or not you have kids has nothing to do with Asexuality but has everything to do with your choices

(3) I have to join the lgbt to be Asexual....Nope. Some, not all, who are gay,bi,trans, allies etc do feel a natural empathy with the lgbt. Asexuality as a movement has nothing to do with the lgbt, but some within the Asexual movement do feel an affinity themselves. Again personal choice is the decider here

(4) I can't be Asexual, I'm over 25...Nope :lol: . True the online majority of the Asexual community does by our own figures, seem to be between 16-24. Most of this will meet the natural progression of children moving into young adulthood so naturally are trying to find out who and what they are. There are Older Asexuals but as life becomes complicated with jobs, bills, partners, kids etc those older ones tend to spend less time online but we are around and we do exist

(5) As an Asexual I will die alone in a room full of cats....Nope, well mostly not :lol: some Asexuals do find other Asexuals to have relationships with but just being both Asexuals is never enough, compatibility plays the biggest part.

(6) I could never date a Sexual...Nope, sexuals are not muggles. We only have one difference as an Asexual, everything else is as applicable to Asexuals as it is sexuals and like all relationships, compatibility, compromise and your feelings for your partner decides your relationship. Most Asexuals who have relationships, have them with sexuals...again relationships are choices

(7) I have Autism, adhd, a mental Illness, celibacy, low libido, am sexually repulsed etc and these make me asexual....Nope, to date there has not been one shred of evidence that supports "you are asexual because (insert reason) Some still work on born this way, some also feel they do not discover it till later in life. A point to add here, sexuals also have these issues so as such they are not exclusive to Asexuals

(8) as an Asexual I am a freak, broken, destined to be a loner....Nope. Most of the time you can't shut Asexuals up, especially on the internet. Asexuality is just one small part of else is down to you. We do seem to beat ourselves up a bit but we need to cut ourselves some slack a bit more often. You are not a freak, you just have one single difference and it is only 1 part of you

(9) Asexuality is a phase.....nope and yes. For most it will be but for some it is a lifelong but how are you supposed to know if it is lifelong until you start somewhere?

(10) Do I have to be a politically correct social justice warrior special snowflake to be an Asexual? ... :lol: :lol: you would think you do by some of the forums but no, We do have some with common sense and maturity

These are just a few so feel free to add any other myths about asexuals if you wish

Re: 10 myths about Asexuality

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:34 pm
by Skycaptain
point 5, a room full of cats will be the only pussies I'll ever stroke :lol:

Re: 10 myths about Asexuality

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2016 4:07 pm
by CatBunny
But dying with a room full of cats seems like a great goal in life... until they eat your body.

My favorite myth is kinda the one where people assume asexuals or aromantics are like some eldritch horror, some unhuman hivemind without emotions or feelings.

W̹̭͕͔̤̖h̘y̖̹͘ ̗w͖̖͔͉̫͟ͅo̥͔ͅu̹̗̩ͅl̝̗̙̙͇̬̩͠d҉̠̗͇̩̩͉̹ ̵̻͇t̤͍̜̟̯͞h̳̼́ͅey̻͚̺̹ ͚͖͖e͈̱͙̲̩̘v҉͙͓̗e̫̰͕̲̟r̝ ̲̙̮̣͝t͎̹̼̬h͇͚̼̗̖̕i̹̝̼n͖k̷̭ ̳͇t̖͈̩͍̮h̟̮̬a̲͖̞̱ͅt̞

Re: 10 myths about Asexuality

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 6:28 am
by PiF
This has rude words in it and sexual that word...but the first post highlights again another myth about what an asexual is

The title is ...".is there anyone here who think anal and oral are disgusting"..personally I think it's disgusting...if your wanger has been up someones poop chute and you haven't washed it before ask them to lick it...that's disgusting !!! :lol: :lol: ....wash it people, wash it!

any way..another confused soul unable to tell the difference between asexuality and sexual preference... ... isgusting/