When Asexuality lies to itself

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When Asexuality lies to itself

Postby PiF » Mon May 02, 2016 4:43 am

Who and what we are is simple, whether you feel it is a desire based thing (it's not :P :lol: ) or having no Sexual attraction to others..one thing is certian..asexuality is full time asexuality....everything else is a variance of sexuality

Now it's okay me saying that and many do agree with my point of view but some, as human nature dictates..feel differently...so how do we at least as a community come to a common ground? Whilst never definitive, census's and polls are pretty much good reference points but what happens when they are done and some still refuse to admit what their own community says?

in 2014 aven, along with many other asexual type of groups launched across the asexual internet the 2014 aven asexual census..this wasn't restricted to aven as anyone could have an input as the census was hoping to include as many within the Asexual communities as possible...the idea behind it was to see who we are, where we have come from, where we are and where we need to be

I would like to add this at the beginning..their is a huge difference between being an asexual and claiming to be part of an asexual online forum group as the 2014 census will show..what i'll do first is show the link for the 2014 census and go through some of the key points but leave the entire link up for you to make your own minds up...I would show the 2015 census but for feelings that I often have said...I feel they are deliberatley surpressing this for the reason I will discuss later...

2014 census on asexuality ..it shows the questions that were asked and the results through accepted means..the links are within this link.... https://asexualcensus.wordpress.com/tag/aven-census/

49.2% claimed to be asexual instead of the "spectrums"
26.6% said they were straight
The largest age group involved were 22 and the largest range group was between 16-26
63.4% identified as still being in education of some kind
27.2% were the largest group in regards to the religous question and that group identified as Atheist
63.6% identified as American
77.3% identified as White
62.1% identified as female
22% only identified as hetero romantic
74.9% identified as coming out but the question did not clarify whether that was in the real world or the online world.
53% identified as tumblr community and aven english, 28.3%
74.6% identified as lgbtq+
93.6% identified as LGBTQ+ Identification by Romantic Orientation
8.9% only said they they did not feel Asexuality was part of the lgbtq+
88% said Asexuality should be part of the lgbtq+ umbrella
65% identified as never having had sex
88.1% identified as non celibate
55% of those claiming to be asexual also claimed to be sexually repulsed

from this we can conclude most people thinking they are asexual are not but are in the sexual spectrum
most will be white females in higher education/ college and between the age of 16-26 with the largest group at 22
Most will be Americans
most will be lgbtq+ in support and personal sexual/romantic identification

so when I say the largest group of people claiming to be asexual of some kind are sexual white gay chicks in america and in college..I am pretty much right...but being correct in this modern age is not something that seems to be fashionable

particulary I found the belonging to the lgbtq+ umbrella figure puzzling..certianly every poll in aven has said with a majority that asexuality should stand on it's own two feet and not belong to a sexual body like the lgbtq+...so around the same time I launched two threads...a much more simplified attempt which allowed for user comments also

These are they

http://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/1048 ... el-part-1/

http://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/1052 ... el-part-2/

These again bore out that largely as an asexual online community... the largest group is as before ... so when I say the largest group of people are sexual white gay chicks in america and in college..I am pretty much right

This and only this, is the reason why I feel they are supressing and hiding the 2015 census nearly 6 months after closing it. i believe that given the way people are using terms to shut others down more than at any other time in our history...I feel the figures will again see the largest group are sexual white gay chicks in america and in college..I am pretty much right...they are hiding the 2015 census because they know the figures by its own people will support what I have said and many have suspected.

So how do we convince others our identity is just not the latest fad among internet savy college kids?..because at the momment asexuality has a pr crisis... we are trying to tell society, our friends and our loved ones that we are not a phase for sexual white college internet gay kids who think asexuality is the new hip thing but our own polls and census's show for the majority...it is

As a pr exercise we are trying to tell people that cigarettes are one of your five a day....and no one believes that either

some of us have tried to say..hey..we have an image/integrity problem..lets steer it back on course...this has led to the type of approach we now see as the standard in our colleges...incidentally the same age group as the largest member group

We have today..the highest level of people in the west, going into higher education..into places of learning, being open minded and trying to learn others views...that same group are also some of the dumbest f*cks in history who when faced with facts, even by their own communities...they stick their fingers in their ears, put something over their eyes then start singing lalala i'm not listening ( by chance one of the main requirements to be an aven admod :D ) and should you press with honesty the problem that they all know is true but refuse to accept..then they will try..guess the next line..shut you down. which is reflected surprise surprise within the online communities age group and current educational status

The largest group identifying as some form of asexual is sexual white gay chicks in america and in college...we know this to be the truth but seem unwilling to do anything about this false impression of full time asexuals and asexuality..we would rather hound the truth sayers than admit we have a issue

and if we can't ban them then we put up protected walls around our comunity so no one can see how silly asexuality has become and dress it up as "safe place"...safe for what? lies?...because the truth is being persued vigourously to shut it down..how is lying about asexuality better than telling the truth about asexuality??????

So next time you tell your parents, relatives and friends and they cast doubt over your asexuality and you ask why do you not believe me...our own figures say we do not even believe it ourselves

we are at a crossroads......if we are ever to stop being seen as sexual white gay chicks in america and in college...then we have to be honest with ourselves...we also need to take back the reigns somewhat and also take some personal responsibility to bring asexuality back from a fashion phase in college

if we do not...then we have no right to expect others to believe who and what we are, when we do not believe it ourselves