Orientation and Gender

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Orientation and Gender

Postby PiF » Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:55 am

I am very open to being taught here

My experience like so many of us is based on personal experiences/need...I have the basics ticked off that fit me but beyond that I havn't needed to know so havn't delved very much. Also because this is not asexual specific but more based on the majority..sexuals..I have placed it in this section but appreciate asexuals may find it of interest too

I'll outline what I feel I know but as I said...I am very open to be taught new things on this


For years I had mr angry head on...no I don't have it on all the time honest...in that I would stand up and remonstrate with those who said asexuality was not an orientation then..in here I think, someone said to me ....look you arseole, orientation is based on who you orientate towards and nothing else!...At first I thought..they called me arseole!! then I thought, nothing new there then

I took a momment..well a few really..and realised they were right and I was wrong(yes I did admit that I am wrong sometimes :D )

Orientation is who you orientate towards..gay to gay, straight to straight and bi to bi (them bi's are greedy bastards aint they :lol: )

so for me that's it as far as orientation is concerened..3..no more no less

I had heard there are some who consider those who do not orientate towards anyone as an orientation..I have trouble with this as orientation for me is largely who you orientate towards..not who you do not orientate towards..otherwise a straight or gay person could also have a dual orientation...example..I am straight so my orientation is straight but as I do not orientate towards gay or bi would I be a straight/no orientation??? humans confuse so much don't they


Very similar really..being male I am one gender, female is another..the end

There are those who feel they are a mix of both and some who feel they have no gender at all...I'm not adverse to any of those opinions I'm just not sure if I understand how that works

Like I said..I am very open on this topic to be beter informed