Sex is evil...

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Sex is evil...

Postby Caliguy35 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:08 pm

TMI Sex/Abuse/Rape warning

Did anyone else grow up around in a highly sexualized home? A home with porn and incest ran like crazy in the family. If you how did you deal with it. My family always told me that sex was evil. I can think of many times where males in my family would show younger children porn. Well I became in addicted to porn. I would crave it . When I became in adult the internet was just started to become used in my home. I would find myself spending hour and hours download porn. I felt as if porn made me happy. In my 30s it all changed. I started to notice females. I knew that it would be normal for me to be into females. But the problem was that I was so highly sexualized. That and dealing with abuse/rape that happened in my childhood and as an adult. I had no idea that my adult life would bring up all these memories from my childhood. I’ve been told over and over just to forgive those that did those things to me. To me it is unforgivable. So now each relationship that I find myself in end up having sex in some way or another. Mind you all my relationships have been online only. In real life I have no idea if I would ever have sex or not.

So the questions are the following
1) How do you deal with abuse/rape
2) How do you move on
3) If there anyway to stop thinking about sex each time once is in a relationship