Is Gender promotion the next Elitism ?

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Is Gender promotion the next Elitism ?

Postby PiF » Wed Oct 28, 2015 3:16 am

Nancy wrote a good thread that often comes up within asexual circles about asexual it's basic form one of the key points is that asexuals should not look down on sexuals nor should they think they deserve "special" standards over and above sexuals

Some figures first.....the office for national statistics for the U.K. gave figures this year that 1.1% of the population identified as gay or lesbian and in the U.S. the National health interview survey gave the number as 9 million identifying as lgbt in a country of 319 million ( both figures and surveys in the Guardian article dated the 5th April this year). ... statistics

In regards to Asexuals most who look at it seem to agree that the 1% often bandied about is difficult to hold up as a truthful number. My own opinion is well known but for clarity and given over 7 years in the community my feeling is that many are teens on a phase and statistics back the massive drop off of people claiming to be asexual after my own opinion is it is more likely to be "actual Asexuals" will be closer to 0.1%

Now does all this tie in with the title of gender elitism?...if I am you and you are me altogether does that make 3? I wrote this when I was in junior school :D

How best to describe its meaning is...a minority protest that they are being treated unfairly because they are not the majority so want to be treated with equal respect/terms/laws/opinions as the majority...then once they have that..they then tell the majority that they are being "ist/phobe etc" for not respecting the fact they are a minority

on that would seem small minority groups are saying treat me equal but treat me more equal than the majority because I am a minority...and if you disagree, you are a biggot

Now...most majorities I know adapt to change if it is trickled down and subtly blended..those approaches often see change in hearts and minds in a way that brings most people with you in that change and even those who disagree with the subject...they often feel they could still be supportive

The opposite approach which seems to be the tool of so called "activists" to demand. push, shove and insist they get their own way and then accuse people of being racists, homphobic, islamaphobic etc get the drift..if they do not get their own way the majority as I think most of would feel.. then has a rising resentment and in some cases ,more anti the change ( more than if the approach would have been different) because they feel they are having changes made to their life and they are being forced upon them and then being called out if they do not agree or have a different view

We as minorities..need to be careful that we long term plan who and what we are ...we also need to be honest with ourselves in that, say in Asexuals case less than 1%..that we understand how minorities blend in with the majority and how to get the best techniques to do that without turning the majority against us...minorities have to be message smart and not message bullies

We have a valuable message to give..and that message is one that we should all feel we can give in a simplistic, honest and straight forward way...the biggest danger is if we suddenly then start throwing around the gender card..we are f*cked and our message is lost because we have become the very same Elitists we say we are against.