Gay and coloured in the U.K.?

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Gay and coloured in the U.K.?

Postby PiF » Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:05 pm

I'm a fan of Reggie Yates a BBC1 and Radio 1 presenter and have seen him challenge many stereotypes...if you can get bbc iplayer then it will be there for 7 days and it was called.... Reggie Yates' Extreme UK: Gay and Under Attack

Tonight it was about being gay in the U.K. and being coloured

In many Black communities there seemed to be two main groups. Those who are largely Afro Caribbean and the other being mostly of African origins
The African side seemed largely to be religious based and staunch by the book being gay is against god with the afro caribbean stance being mostly men are men and should be men and gays should be abused

In the largely asian communities most were muslim and strict enough to view largely to adopt the same stance as the Africans. It seemed through out the whole programme that being gay and coloured is quite a dangerous thing

Hardly any coloured gay men and women wanted to appear on camera because the consequences from and for their families. Their was a young asian gay man who said his mother had told him, if you had killed someone I could forgive you but you being gay I cannot forgive you,,,he felt he needed to leave home and did . The programme approached 200 mosques and asked for an iman to talk about islam and being gay...only 1 agreed and his view was pretty much as expected. The young man himself said he was brought up to view all white men as the enemy and gays should be thrown off a tall building and stoned. When asked how that view now sat with him being a gay muslim, he said that is what he was brought upto think.

In another part reggie met a gay afro caribbean at a "secret" dance hall that was for gay blacks and asians but most scattered like ants when they saw the camera coming through fear of being identified. He did actually chat to a black lesbian and was quite surprised by her views.

She said she has been raised in a way that said being gay was a white mans disease and gays should be trampled on and even though she herself was a lesbian, she found gay men together wrong, she explained being a lesbian she did see the irony but it is just how she was

towards the end there was a gay pride event in derbyshire, in total intially there was about 50-60 people there and only 3 people of colour and towards the end the young asian gay guy turned up and was asked by reggie...who is black by the way.... asked how he felt at his first pride and public event and he said he felt out of place among so many white people.

The longer he was there you could see he was integrating more and towards the end he said I've made some good friends and will keep in touch and was asked how he felt now at which point he said yeah okay was pointed out again about so few coloured people openly identifying as gay and he said, I think white people are just more open minded and understanding about being gay

Anyway if it is something your interested in and can get uk tv on catch up on the bbc, then you might want to watch it

I knew it was tough for coloured people to come out as gay but I had never really seen the communities show their dislike of gay men and women before or so many hide being gay

It seems there is a long way for the coloured communities to go to be accepting of their own children when they are gay.