Kinks and fetish

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Kinks and fetish

Postby PiF » Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:04 pm

U.K. tv tonight on channel 4 at 10pm

if your in the u,k, or can use a proxy to make it look like a uk ip then this is avaliable tonight and on catch up for 4 for 7 days

it describes itself as

A look at the sex lives of the British based on a nationally representative survey specially commissioned by Channel 4 and conducted by YouGov. The Great British Sex Survey explores how some of the biggest feature films of recent years have helped to broaden our sexual horizons, and celebrates the surprising sexual diversity of a nation that was once perceived as prudish and buttoned-up.

Be interesting to see how long term relationships and sex are reported and whether kink & bdsm are mentioned even more so as some aexuals do partake given the control side in preference to the sex side