Obama and THAT non binary speech

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Obama and THAT non binary speech

Postby PiF » Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:47 am

I want to make it clear right from the beginning..my language will be fruity and will be difficult for the professionally offended to accept as it challenges the very thing they are not...a parent..I welcome others opinions if you disagree or even agree...but if you like blinkered sheeple tribal scripts..then aven and not this thread maybe better for you.

I watched Obama's tour with interest given he was extolling stupid comments on Brexit like back of the queue and ten years away, given that in 8 months, he will be unemployed and out of that job.

on the second public speech there was a girl called Maria Munir who made a passionate for her, speech about being a non binary person. Much of what she said was incorrect and selfish but it was important to her.

I want to correct a few things she said then make an observation

She said "In the UK we don’t recognise non-binary people under the Equality Act, so we literally have no rights.

this is incorrect...should you choose to read it here is the government act with it's nuonce's attached... https://www.gov.uk/guidance/equality-act-2010-guidance

2 points..much in the same way the snowflakes claim erasure..Maria's claim is based on not "specifically" being mentioned rather than general protection..she is protected ..but to list every different variation is simply not possible or plasuable..look at our own network..asexuality is just one thing but thanks to aven and tumblr..the label idiots seem to have made it 99 things and rising..no legislator or law could be updated every single day with every single new variation or every thing created..so it is blanket protected under the sexuality and equality protection part of the act

her claiming Non Binaries are not specifically mentioned so are not protected is wrong and should not be promoted as the truth

Non binary...what weird people you are...this reminds me of those who wrongly identify as asexual then look at sexuals in the same way as binary's..they alledge sexuals go around thinking about sex all the time...sexuals do not..absolutely do not...they spend most of their time thinking about colleges, education, bills, debt, relationships, rent, doing the food shopping, that bloke on the tube needs a shower as he stinks and who is going to clean out the cats litterbox etc etc..they think exactly the same as we do

The same with binaries...they don't go round all day every day and every minute of every day thinking I am male or I am female, they simply do not so why do non binaries seem to wonder around largely telling everyone they do not think of themselves as male or female? most people do not either..honestly..it is like stating the bleeding obvious then trying to decide it is a "new minority"

Minorities it seems..from all walks of life ..have groups within them that see themselves as just that one thing and nothing more...and that is why minorities..particularly sexual identification minorities..cause us to be laughed at

My own feeling is..and it is my own personal feeling..if you identify as just one thing and one thing only..then you have issues

if on the other hand you identify as a normal person who happens to be (insert identification) and that is part of you and not the whole of you...then you have a better chance to be a more balanced and very much at peace with yourself person.

I am not an asexual and you need to bow to me...I am a person who happens to be asexual, how do you do and nice to meet you.

Lastly...I have thought how to express this in different ways and since first hearing it, my anger has subsided but it still leaves me with the same level of ways to explain it...When Maria Munir said what she said, I thought..what a selfish bitch.

You may feel that is strong and some may object to it but before you do let me put this too you

Maria's grandparents were poor manual labourers from Pakistan, they fought to give their child the ability to have a better life...Maria's parents themselves moved across many continents for her father to become a manual labourer in Saudi Arabia, again in the hope he and his wife could give their kids a better life

They then moved to the U.K. so moving half way around the world from pakistan, to give their children a far better way of life. Her parents fought to build up a small business that prospered in a way that they were able to fund her going to university..a total committment and love was offered by those parents

And she repaid them by?

By telling a room full of strangers in front of multi national media...some thing she should have had the love and respect for her parents and telling them first..in the scale of things, her announcement was nothing more than I don't identify as any sex...most people do not think about their sex on a daily basis..big deal..she even insuated that being muslim may put people at risk with her announcement (unlikely) but if she thought there was a risk..did she not owe it to her parents to inform them first?

What has annoyed me is..her parents moved halfway across the world for her future, did shit jobs and they still fought a battle to be able to send her to have a better education and a better future....and she didn't feel that they deserved the respect and privacy they were entitled too but a room full of strangers and media deserved more than her parents

Some of you who may be offended by this post will not understand because you are not parents...but I can assure you...when you turn your life upside down and move half way across the world to give your kids a better life and they repay you buy wanting to talk to a room of strangers more than you....that is hurtfull and disrespectfull.

I would add, she was not the "dewey eyed, fan my face innocent" she appears either...she is very much a politician who knows how to play an audience


So kids, when you think your parents "don't understand you" .....boo f*cking hoo....they do understand you, more than you will ever know, why do you think they are in debt to send you to college and uni?..that doesn't happen unless love and wanting better for your kids is a parents wish.