Just to show you guys that one political party in Aus is ok.

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Just to show you guys that one political party in Aus is ok.

Postby SpirallingSnowy » Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:12 pm


I was skeptical at first but check out their policies....

Australian Sex Party Policies PDF | Print | E-mail

The Mission Statement

The Australian Sex Party is a political response to the sexual needs of Australia in the 21st century. It is an attempt to restore the balance between sexual privacy and sexual publicity that has been severely distorted by morals campaigners and prudish politicians.

Tolerance of sexual free speech and sexual expression is one of the main hallmarks of free and democratic nations. Intolerance of these qualities is one of the hallmarks of autocracies, dictatorships and theocracies.

The vast majority of Australians are relaxed and tolerant of a broad spectrum of sexual expression but state and federal governments have increasingly ignored this demographic and pursued policies and legislation that have restricted sexual free speech and expression – often under threat of large fines and even jail sentences.

The Sex Party is fed up with wowserism in Australian parliaments. It is frustrated by the lip service paid to gender equality and sexual identity by the major parties when real and meaningful law reform stalls on factionalism and behind the scenes handshakes with religious leaders.

The Party has registered with the Australian Electoral Commission and has signaled its intention to field candidates at all levels of government over the coming years.

The Policies


* Bring about the establishment of a truly national classification scheme which includes a uniform non-violent erotica rating for explicit adult material for all jurisdictions and through all media including the Internet and computer games.

* Introduce an R and X rating for computer games

* To overturn mandatory ISP filtering of the Internet and return Internet censorship to parents and individuals.

* We oppose the mandatory retention of all Australian users’ internet browsing history and emails by ISPs for at-will inspection by law enforcement agencies, and support strong judicial oversight over the ability of law enforcement to access individuals’ internet and email data.


* To bring about the development of a national sex education curriculum as a first step in preventing the sexualisation of children.

* Development of a national internet education scheme for parents.


* To enact national anti discrimination laws which make it illegal to unfairly discriminate against people or companies on the basis of job, occupation, profession or calling.

* To bring about equal numbers of women in the Parliament through enabling the Federal Discrimination Act to have jurisdiction extending to political parties.

* To create total equal rights in all areas of the law including same sex marriage.

* Overturn racist laws that ban adults living in and visiting aboriginal communities in the NT from possessing erotic and sexual media.

* Ensure the sexual rights and freedoms of people with a disability and the elderly.


* To enact national pregnancy termination laws along the same lines as divorce law — which allow for legal, no-fault and guilt-free processes for women seeking termination (more details)

* The listing of Viagra, Cialis and other drugs used to treat sexual dysfunction, on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

* Overturn restrictions on aid to overseas family planning organisations that reference abortion.

Protection of Children

* Convene a Royal Commission into child sex abuse in the nation’s religious institutions (more details)

* Develop global approaches to tackling child pornography which focus on detection and apprehension of the producers of the material.

Workplace Relations

* Ensure that the introduction of paid parental leave is fair and equitable for small businesses.

* Abolish sex slavery and sexual servitude by introducing non morality-based immigration policies that allow bona-fide sex workers to work legally in Australia.

Religion / Ethical Issues

* Establishment of a Royal Commission into child sex abuse in religious institutions.

* The public education system should be secular in nature and not provide for any religious instruction whatsoever.

* An Ethics course along the lines of the current NSW trial, developed by the St James Ethics Centre, to be incorporated into the national curriculum.

* Ending the tax exempt status for religions.

* Cessation of tax-exempt status on all but the charitable work of religious institutions.

* Supports stem cell research, including embryonic stem cell research, and maintains it is a vital medical issue, not a religious issue.

* Supports women’s rights to have an abortion if they so choose

* Calls for uniform state abortion laws and amendments to the Therapeutic Goods Act to allow milepristone (RU486) to be imported and distributed widely in place of the highly restrictive and cumbersome Authorised Prescriber process which resulted from the “Harradine Amendments” to the Therapeutic Goods Amendment Bill 1996.

* Opposes a blanket ban on women wearing the burqa conditional upon it being the woman’s choice.


* Decriminalisation, not legalisation, of purchase, possession and consumption of all drugs for personal use, such quantity to be defined as an amount equal or less than 14 day’s supply for one person.

* Infractions are to be treated in an administrative framework and not in the criminal justice system.

* Immediate cessation of the use of drug sniffer dogs in public.

* Legalise and regulate cannabis for specified medical uses.

* Trafficking and dealing in drugs to remain a criminal offence.

* Supply of any drugs to a minor is to be a criminal offence.

* Laboratory quality drug testing stations to be provided at all music festivals and the like.

* Subsidised and high quality drug testing kits to be made available through pharmacies, age restricted premises and mobile distribution centres.

* Legalise and increase the number of medically supervised injecting rooms

* Legalise the prescription of heroin to registered and habitual users.


* Voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide for patients with a terminal illness and suffering severe pain to be decriminalised.

* In addition to the patient’s primary medical practitioner a second and independent practitioner would be required to confirm his / her agreement with the diagnosis and prognosis.

* Information about palliative care options must be given to the patient and having been given this information the patient must confirm to the primary medical practitioner that all other options are not acceptable and that he or she wants assistance.

* A seven day cooling off period must then be allowed for before assistance can be provided.


* Uniform abortion laws across Australia.

* Full decriminalisation of abortion – removal from criminal statutes.

* Abortion to be treated as a medical matter not a criminal matter.

* All abortion providers to have authority to prescribe Mifepristone (RU486).

* Medicare funding for abortion at all stages of pregnancy.

* An abortion may be performed at any time with the consent of the woman and if a medical practitioner certifies that it is appropriate under the circumstances.

* Minors (under the age of 16) may obtain an abortion without the consent of a parent/guardian.

* Ensure abortion is a part of sex education in schools.

Its about time..... seriously....

There has never been a party i have ever really wanted to vote for.... but these policies....

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Re: Just to show you guys that one political party in Aus is ok.

Postby Roy » Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:48 pm

Looks like a good option for Australians. Have to wonder about the name and making sexuality the main focus of their policies. Attention-grabbing surely, but vote-grabbing is yet to be seen.

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Re: Just to show you guys that one political party in Aus is ok.

Postby Isaac » Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:20 am

I think their policies are very balanced in sensitive issues like drugs and euthanasia, something odd in politics, but radical in abortion. A fetus older than 7 months is viable outside the womb, so killing it is infanticide and should only be authorized by a medical board considering both lives. Unless Australian society is much different from Spanish one, they will lost the support of lots of people for their insistence on abortion "at all stages of pregnancy." Honestly, I expected them propose something like "free abortion up to N weeks and decriminalized up to NN weeks."

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Re: Just to show you guys that one political party in Aus is ok.

Postby Noskcaj.Llahsram » Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:08 pm

Looks ambitious; correct me if I'm wrong but Australia has a parliament like us and the brits, so even if they get some seats some dick will stonewall them. But it is very good to see people really making an effort to modernize any country and to lead by example. I'm particularly impressed with the Ethics on down sections
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Re: Just to show you guys that one political party in Aus is ok.

Postby clouded_perception » Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:02 pm

I remember those guys! I voted for them!

I think some of their policies are poorly thought out, but on the whole they were me favourite party in the last election.