first impression wrong impression

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first impression wrong impression

Postby PiF » Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:05 am

I keep banging on about this but this story kinda shows my point

"asexuals" are making up so many different stupid names and stupid degrees of "asexuality" that frankly...most have nothing to do with asexuality at all and the fact the average age group doing this IS the discovery age and IS mostly female presents us with asexualities greatest visibility challenge

How do we stop people giving the wrong impression of what asexuality actually is..that one simple difference

this next report again hammers home 1st impression...quick social media, wrong first impression...people looking stupid

Cnn reported an isis flag was seen at London the reporter who claimed to have seen it, newsflashed it across the cnn world network

had she looked..and as it was later was indeed a black flag...but instead of arabic was a collection of vibrator and butt plug shapes :lol:

we love parody

the reported item showed in this social media age world just how quick the wrong impression can be seen and transmitted around the world ... 79244.html

another worry I have is that after seeing this cnn story.... America might now invade London after seeing weapons of ASS distruction