Nonbinary awareness has spawned some weird stuff for binaries

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Nonbinary awareness has spawned some weird stuff for binaries

Postby CatBunny » Fri May 20, 2016 2:16 pm

I notice now depending on the site you go on, listing your pronouns are becoming increasingly used more often even if people are binary or even cis. It's starting to get to the point where I'm wondering what's going through people's minds when I read a post like "Hi, i'm a cis woman! Please use the pronouns her!". I don't think is adds to trans visibility, it just sounds redundant and pointless or at the very least people are trying to bandwagon onto it to sound cool and progressive. Tell me your thoughts.

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Re: Nonbinary awareness has spawned some weird stuff for binaries

Postby PiF » Sat May 21, 2016 4:54 am

For me, the whole cis, non binary and pronoun nonsense was created by the trans community for the trans community to divide rather than bring together and their version of special snowflake

it was like we as an incredibly small community have decided on a term and you out there MUST use it or your transphobic

It was a bit like the term allosexual...a group trying to enforce a term on others that the others had no input in at all..or would they do so

I agree on the stupidity of it all .."hi I am a non binary cis and you should call me ze or blah blah blah" . I can assure most people, when people start saying that nonsense in real life...outside of the label required bubble the time you have got to cis, most normal people have switched off...zzzzzzzzz

We have the same thing in asexuality, whether you choose the desire or lack of sexual attraction, both are 100%...every other labelled attached to asexuality is sexual and yes I would agree, it is the majority jumping on the minority latest hip bandwagon...I doubt we will ever be able to stop that as it happens in most walks of life but when it comes to asking others to believe in who and what we can damage genuine things by the hangers on with non relating labels almost killing visibility...and what remains probably something that see's a lot of facepalming.

Imagine if you will an example of visibility..we have a triangle in the middle and on that triangle is a ruler balancing perfectly... then we start adding things

imagine then..on the left side we have hey hey look at me I and what I am is importanttttt !!!!!....on the opposite side, the right side you have , I hope they don't look at me it's embarassingggggg !!!! when it comes to visibility you want to be in the middle ..however..the more nonsense you add to that balance such as cis, binary, pronouns..the more the balance tips into the f*ck we are looking as stupid as we can be and the embarrasing side

People need to be more honest about how they are effecting visibility in the real world and the balance between acceptibility and stupidity.