Meeting to talk with my employer about Asexuality

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Meeting to talk with my employer about Asexuality

Postby AFlyingPiglet » Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:51 am

Just so you are aware, I have also posted this thread on AVEN. I am putting it on here too as you are a thoughtful lot and I would value any insight that anyone on here can offer too.

Yesterday I contacted the Equality & Diversity Team (E&D Team) at my place of work to raise awareness about Asexuality. I sent them an internal memo yesterday – enclosing information from Wikipedia and one of the pamphlets downloaded from AVEN. I told them I was writing in order to raise awareness and that I was also interested as to whether Asexuality would come under the umbrella of the LGTB Network or not and where they stood on the issue and could they let me know?

Today a member of the E & D Team phoned me to say that they would like to arrange a meeting with me to discuss the matter further!

It was also suggested that, if I wish, The Head of E & D Team could also attend the meeting (he was aware of my memo) and also, if I wish, the head of the LGTB network could also be invited to attend to discuss whether Asexuality comes under the umbrella of the LTBT network or not (although at the moment the head of the LGTB network is not aware of my memo). She said it was entirely up to me whether I just met up with her (she’s an Equality & Diversity Consultant) for a meeting or an initial meeting. Or I can invite the other 2 parties - or just 1 of them (either from the outset or after I have met with her) - its entirely up to me.

I told her that it would be great to have a meeting and I would think about who I would like to attend at this stage and let her know. I know at the end of the day, I will go with what feels right for me, but I would appreciate any words of advice or wisdom over who to invite or not, particularly in the light of the fact that all of these people will know a lot more about E&D and the issues surrounding it than I do. Also, what issues do you think it would be appropriate for me to raise with the E & D Team at the meeting?

Although I would appreciate advice from anyone, I would particularly be interested to hear from anyone who has had similar meetings within their workplace / establishment or anyone involved within HR / Equality work, who could offer me any advice?

I just want to make the most of this opportunity I have been given to raise awareness and to bring issues to the table that are relevant, whilst also avoiding any potential pitfalls.

I guess I am surprised by how quick their response was and was pleased by how positive and anxious they are to meet up with me, but being Local Government (and the biggest employer in my City), I know they make an effort to be really on top of E&D issues.

The meeting is likely to be in mid November at the earliest as my colleague is on leave for 2 weeks from next week, but the sooner I get back to the E&D Team with who I would like to attend, the sooner it’s in the diary! At least this also gives me time to prepare and brain storm stuff I can bring to the meeting.

Any advice – or pointing me in the direction of any useful contacts / resources etc- would be welcome.

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Re: Meeting to talk with my employer about Asexuality

Postby pretzelboy » Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:21 am

That sounds really exciting. I wish I could give you some advice about the matter or point you to some good resources, but there just isn't that much out there. For introductory materials, there's Wikipedia and some of the introductory stuff on AVEN. I know that some people have put together lectures here and there, and there are some introductory materials in various places. In terms of education and diversity issues w.r.t to the workplace, I don't think I've ever seen the issue discussed.

I know that I've seen discussions of people talking about frustrating things other employees can do sometimes: constantly trying to set people up with someone, not believing that they're actually not interested, people being told that there must be something wrong with them, that they're just "frigid," and stuff like that. Honestly, I think that a lot of this can, and should, be discussed with respect to sexual harassment, even if is sometimes different from much of what we typically think of as sexual harassment. And I have a strong suspicion that asexuals aren't the only people who deal with these sorts of problems, but increased visibility of asexuality could definitely be helpful, I think.

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Re: Meeting to talk with my employer about Asexuality

Postby apsaf » Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:32 pm

AFlyingPiglet, I've just read your summary about the meeting on AVEN and I thought I'd congratulate you here (no other reason than to keep this site alive :D). I'm BKAce on AVEN, by the way.

The efforts you made and the success you achieved are very inspirational and hopefully, many asexuals (me included) will try to work toward more visibility in their own cities and countries.
Thank you!