An awkward aceflux NB shuffles in

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An awkward aceflux NB shuffles in

Postby jabberwocky » Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:16 am

Hi there. My name is Rook, and I'm...somewhere on the ace spectrum. x x It's kinda confusing for me because I have a lot of internalized acephobia and a complicated relationship to sex, so trying to navigate through that to figure out exactly how much sexual attraction I experience is difficult. Trying to pin down an exact label is hard, but aceflux is what I've been using for a while, since I experience some sexual attraction sometimes. Idk what those situations are that would make me feel attraction, or if they're just determined by cosmic forces outside my control, and idk how often they happen, so trying to navigate that >.>

I guess I'm here so I can try to find some sense of comfort and pride in being ace? I haven't really embraced it, and I think doing so will make me a lot happier.

Uh, about me. I'm an artist and poet. I love watching Let's Players play horror games (because I love them but am too afraid to play them myself xD). I'm a pagan and a witch. Also hella neurodivergent and disabled.

Oh! I'm also nonbinary (exact gender details can be asked about if you're curious I guess xD) and I use e/em/eirs as my pronoun set, though if you can't use that one, they/them is fine.

EDIT: On second thought, poking through the rest of this forum, I see I will not be welcome here. I don't feel safe here knowing that just because I am not 100% purely asexual, that I will be written off as being an "ally" to asexuals and not on the ace spectrum. Apparently some of you don't even believe there IS a spectrum. So I'll take my leave. I'm not sure if there's a way to delete my account myself, or if a mod has to do it, but if I don't, then you are free to delete the account for me.

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Re: An awkward aceflux NB shuffles in

Postby Tanwen » Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:38 am

jabberwocky, of course you're welcome - don't worry about maybe not being exactly in accordance with anything. I'm not 100% pure anything but I don't let that stop me :)

Hope you'll pop back :)
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Re: An awkward aceflux NB shuffles in

Postby KAGU143 » Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:43 am

I'm sorry you have decided to leave before you've even fully arrived, Jabberwocky.

You are, in fact, completely welcome here. The members here can squabble but I will clobber them with the ugly stick if they do any biting.
The thing is that Apositive allows people to express opinions which differ from the owners' without punishing them, so if that kind of freedom distresses you then ... well, I guess AVEN would probably be a better fit.

Still .... 'Sorry we missed you.

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Re: An awkward aceflux NB shuffles in

Postby PiF » Mon Jul 27, 2015 8:32 am

I guess as some of those comments will have been mine I feel a right to reply to them

you do Apositive and its members a disservice to be honest and you are not as open minded as you claim..joined at 13.02, posted at 13.16 and states I'm leaving...I'll let others draw their own conclusion on that part.

Apositive allows all views wether at one extreme or another and for you to judge the whole forum based on one different view to yours would be incorrect and fact I feel it shows we are more open minded than some others claim and certainly more open minded than you claim to be

Personally I view asexual allies as incredibly important within the asexual arena and despite you saying your not safe here..a silly comment to make...I personally would never say ..."written off being an ally" as you have...most of us have relationships with sexuals and most of our friendships are with sexuals..not one person here will have written off sexual allies as you just have

There is no "some" in Apositive who do not believe in the asexual spectrum as you have implied..there is so for you to label more than just myself is wholly wrong and unfair on the others within Apositive...I would also point out that the "spectrum" is not universally agreed on and is often debated in regards to asexuality.

We do not have the politically correct police in here and we can be open, have differences but also we are allowed to debate the differences.... if you wish to join in then you will find the forum a great resource

Infact had you looked further into the forum you will see more acceptance of differences, even if we disagree, than the other place and if that is your goal, then you'll fit in here just fine