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I am a newbie to the ace community - though I've been one all my life! I am from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but I live in London, Ontario now. I have determined that I am a panromantic asexual, based on the fact that I have fallen in love with cisgendered men, ciswomen, and transwomen. I hope to go to grad school next year to study how transgender issues intersect with asexuality (given the statistically large number of people on AVEN and Acebook who identify their gender outside the gender binary, I think this could be very fruitful research!

I look forward to participating in this community, and in learning to understand myself a little bit better!

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Postby Noskcaj.Llahsram » Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:56 pm

Sorry its been so long and no one has said hi, so please allow me the be the first.

Hi and welcome to Apositive, normally it is a little bit livelier, and I can't speak for everyone else but i'm swamped with a bit of school so I'm not s active as as I would like
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