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Rotten Zucchinis Zine-- Call for submissions

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:24 pm
by Omnes et Nihil
Rotten Zucchinis—The Zine

Have you ever had a relationship with your zucchini or a queerplatonic (QP) partnership end or go horribly wrong?

So many of us in the ace world have been doing our important relationships without any road maps or “how-to” guides—these relationships aren't romantic relationships, but they aren't typical friendships either. And we've been fighting for years to get our friends, families and communities to take these relationships seriously. (Especially when we're also queer, and/or trans* and/or non-binary and/or agender.)

We finally have some language to talk about these “non-normative” relationships existing... queerplantonic partners and zucchinis. What's more, we can make sense of them in a polyaffectionate framework if we want to. And we can resist compulsory sexuality, question why so many people use “enthusiastic consent” as a weapon, and recognise that anti-asexual violence is real.

But we don't have the tools to talk about when our “non-normative” relationships end or go wrong. Too often we don't even have the space to admit that sometimes they do.

Rotten Zucchinis is a zine for people's stories about QPs, Zucchinis and “non-normative” relationships that don't end in happily ever after—the not-so-pretty stories I don't see people sharing yet. And yes, that's political.

Some optional guiding questions:
-- How do you talk about a former zucchini? (As “ex” after a “break-up” or is other stuff going on? And how do you tell people what you are now?) And what other language do we still need to create or change?
-- What does zucchini violence or QP abuse look like, and what are some stories of people who've survived it?
-- How do the problems we have with our zucchinis play out with other parts of our identities and lives in a social context of power and oppression (like patriarchy or White supremacy)? And how does compulsory sexuality matter?
-- When it comes to zucchinis, QPs and non-normative relationships, what do we still need to keep quiet about... and why?

I welcome any submissions (credited as you like or anonymous) that can be formatted onto regular letter-sized printer paper—words or images of some ilk... essays, rants, poems, artwork, pictures, fears, semi-coherent ramblings and so on.

Please e-mail contributions or questions/comments to:
Deadline for contributions is April 15, 2014, but extensions are possible if you give me a heads up.
(I really want to have this zine printed by the asexual conference in Toronto in June 2014.)

Please feel free to re-post or pass along this call for submissions.

Re: Rotten Zucchinis Zine-- Call for submissions

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:12 am
by PiF
More labels than a fashion store...I got lost/lost interest

Re: Rotten Zucchinis Zine-- Call for submissions

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:45 pm
by Omnes et Nihil
PiF wrote:More labels than a fashion store...I got lost/lost interest

I'm not really sure what you mean. (Maybe because I never go in fashion stores.)

Anyway, it seems that people aren't ready yet to talk about zucchini violence, so this zine has ended up being something a lot more broad-- stuff that people feel silenced about in asexual/ace community spaces-- and deadline extended to May 15.

More details here: ... ce-spaces/