How to Make a Contribution

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How to Make a Contribution

Postby Karl » Fri Jan 18, 2008 6:14 pm

We welcome constructive contributions from members of this community to our Knowledge Base, Resources, and Blog. Please follow the contribution guidelines below.

The Knowledge Base
One of our aims at is to build the largest collection of information relating to asexuality on the internet. We refer to this as our Knowledge Base, and to achieve our aim we need your help!

If you come across an article, research paper, video, book, blog post, organization, newsletter, website, or anything else that deals with asexuality or related issues then please let us know about it by starting a new topic within the appropriate subforum of the Contributions forum. There is a separate subforum for each type of contributions, e.g. one for media articles, one for research papers, and one for blog posts.

When you start a new topic you will see a posting template in the posting box. This is to prompt you for the information we need if we are going to add your contribution to the Knowledge Base, so please follow it as closely as possible. Feel free to add additional information, though - the posting template is just a guideline for the minimum amount of information we need.

It could be that we already have your find documented in our Knowledge Base, so it may pay to check there first. You can search the Knowledge Base using the search box on the homepage.

Once we have either added your contribution to the Knowledge Base or established that it was already in there we will add the notation [KB] to the start of your topic title.

We are also building a collection of free resources for the asexual community, allies, and curious visitors. We're talking DIY merchandise suggestions, fact sheets, posters, FAQs for Parents & Partners, and anything else you can think of that people might find useful in terms of promoting awareness and understanding of the asexual community. If you have an idea or contribution to make then start a new thread in the Resources subforum of the Contributions forum.

The Blog
We welcome contributions from members of our community towards the blog that appears on our homepage. The blog is one of the main ways that we attract new people into our community, so it's important that we update it regularly and keep a lively mix of debates going.

If you have a good idea for a blog post or would like to become a regular contributor then let us know in The Blog forum. This is also the place to go to discuss existing blog entries in depth.

Finally, if you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions about the website for us then let us know in the Feedback forum. We can't promise that we'll agree with you or take your idea on board, but we will take all feedback into consideration.