The Forum Rules

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The Forum Rules

Postby Karl » Sun Jan 06, 2008 6:50 pm

The Official Forum Rules - Version 1.6 (22-Oct-2008)

These are the rules & guidelines concerning acceptable behaviour and usage of the forums. They are not unreasonable and we have only written them to protect the decent folks who make up the majority of our user base. If you decide not to follow these rules and guidelines - or if you decide not to read them and 'accidentally' step outside the bounds of acceptable behaviour - then you will be warned, and may also have your forum rights restricted on a temporary or permanent basis by the Administrators or Moderators.

Continued ignorance of these rules and guidelines will lead to a permanent ban. Consider yourself warned that we are not prepared to tolerate ongoing abuse and that there is no appeals process.

As long as you can behave in a mature and respectful manner, you have nothing to fear. We welcome and encourage serious discussion and debate - having opposing points of view is not a bad thing - but arguments of a petty and malicious nature will be stopped, and the participants may receive a warning or have their forum permissions restricted.

This forum has a built-in Friends and Foes feature which allows you to ignore the posts of specific users. We suggest that, if you are truly unable to resolve your differences with another member, you make use of this feature.

Age & Maturity
This site has no official age requirements, apart from the standard COPPA requirements for under-13s, but we do expect our members to demonstrate a certain level of maturity.

However, there are certain explicitly sexual topics that are inappropriate for discussion around minors, regardless of their maturity level, and so we ask our adult members to ensure that these topics are always marked [Adult] in the title. Whilst the definition of what might be considered 'explicitly sexual' may be rather open to interpretation we ask that you use your own common sense and discretion to decide what topics fall into that category, as we cannot supply an exhaustive list for you to check against.

If the moderators find topics that they consider to be sexually explicit posted without this label in the title then they may edit or delete them. The member who posted it may receive a warning or more serious action depending on the nature of the content.

By entering a topic marked [Adult] you are effectively telling us that you are 18 years of age or older. If you participate in threads marked [Adult] and we know or discover that you are not over 18 then you may receive a warning / have your permissions restricted / have your account disabled, depending on the circumstances.

Site Feedback & Suggestions
Whilst the Moderators or Administrators may, from time to time, ask you for your opinion on an issue relating to the way things are run, this does not mean that the site is run as a democracy. We will not implement new features just because a group of members want them - final decisions about alterations to the forums and the site as a whole are the Owner's and Administrators' to make.

If you don't like the way this site is run then we recommend that - in fact, we actively encourage - you register a domain and start your own site with your own unique philosophy. There can never be too many asexual sites in the world, as far as we are concerned.

Administrators & Moderators
There are currently two forum members with Administrator status and three who have Moderator status. Lehcar is the primary Administrator and may recruit additional Administrators or Moderators as required to run the forums. The other Administrator is the Site Owner (see below).

Administrators and Moderators may - depending upon the severity of the offense - warn a member, restrict their forum privileges, or ban them altogether if they break the forum rules or otherwise act in a manner that is deemed inappropriate.

The Administrators and Moderators have access to a hidden forum where they can discuss site maintenance topics, issues relating to their responsibilities, and the behaviour of individual members in private. They are encouraged to consult their peers in this forum prior to taking an drastic action against a member unless timing is of critical importance (e.g. where site security is at risk).

Site Owner
Karl - formerly known as Apositive Admin - is the website owner and although (as of 21-Oct-2008) he has now passed the role of Administrator to Lehcar, he retains Administrator status throughout the site. Karl will -for the foreseeable future - act in an advisory role to Lehcar and whoever Lehcar chooses to help keep the site running. Do not attempt to contact Karl to appeal a decision that Lehcar or any other Administrator or Moderator on his team has made.