A forum section split?

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A forum section split?

Postby PiF » Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:47 am

It's widely known I am very anti forum then sub of a sub of a sub splitting it but.....but is a lovely word isn't it :D

Could I ask what the teams and members opinions are in splitting General discussions and Fun?

I only ask because under general discussions, the topics tend to be quite serious and a bit more indepth and often things that are just normal sillyness such as jokes, favourite music videos and sometimes the light hearted stuff..... gets lost in the mire

if agreed then at the momment all I can see that would be nice to transfer over would be the music video thread BUT..that is not necessary if easier because the same thread could be started up again..so it's possible to start another section with no transferring required?

So no big noise from me on this but I wonder what others would think about splitting "Fun" into it's own forum and if it was possible, would it be something others or the team would even want? Opinions are most welcome.

Just as an add on..the font size seems quite small to what it used to be?