Remind me Never EVER look at AVEN again!

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Re: Remind me Never EVER look at AVEN again!

Postby KAGU143 » 15 Sep 2016, 01:57

Glad to see you back and posting again, Guvnor! 'Sorry you've been ill. :(
I hope you're feeling better?
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Re: Remind me Never EVER look at AVEN again!

Postby Tanwen » 16 Sep 2016, 05:28

Sorry you've been ill - I've missed you and should've reached out and feel guilty for not doing it. Glad that you're better's to more fruit and veg wars :D
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Re: Remind me Never EVER look at AVEN again!

Postby Thrasymachus » 08 Dec 2016, 12:37

Thom wrote:Based on discussions I've had with those I've met from AVEN, the members that are disliked by admins and moderators will have the rules morphed in such a way that they'd warrant a warn for that member. However, if the member that they do like said the same thing, they'd get away with it. Everything that the admins and moderators do on AVEN is subject to their own bias towards that specific member.

That is what happens when outcast nerds who have no friends are presented with social structures online that they could gain power from. They find the cracks and develop ways to the game system so that is unfair for non-outcasts. I just spent most of my time absent here on the well known metastasized IGN vidya gaming board and chanboard that is Reddit. There too most the top-level moderators and admins are either liberal nerds or alt-right, dark-enlightenment type nerds and they all have irc channels, slack chats, discord chats. It seemed to me that Reddit's problem was a small clique of people with too much time where politicking enough in related IRC channels to moderate dozens, a hundred or even more top-level subreddits with other power moderators they befriended which created a perverse value system that most people would never want to deal with.

What happens is that outcast, surly nerds no one wants to deal with tend to dominate online spaces that don't take measures because no one will else will invest so much time in discussion boards, a medium like Reddit, etc.. But toxic nerds will. That is why I railed so much against surrogate socialization on AVEN. If you are no-life geek, you can spend enough time on AVEN sucking and making "online friends" with those who have stupid online forum power you can have advantageous double standards applied to you -- while your detractors are warned for much milder behavior. I believe I got warned there for such trivial nonsense, but I could not remember without logging in since I don't really care about that forum. But in my brief stint I definitely saw surrogate socializers making friends with the in-crowd of AVEN(which would make them real life outcasts) running roughshod over those who just saw it as a forum. I think it on AVEN it worse as they act like they can serve the same function as LGBT activists, the mental health field and sexually confused people come there and find such a toxic environment that will only screw up their headspace. It would be better if that forum disappeared, seriously.

AVEN is full of lots of people with nothing better to do that rack up far more than 10,000+ posts who just need to get off the net and socialize more in real life.

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