In the U.K and can get BBC3 tv? Gays in Russia

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In the U.K and can get BBC3 tv? Gays in Russia

Postby PiF » Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:26 am

At 9pm this evening reggie yates goes to russia to look at the lgbt scene, the programme is called ... Gay & Under Attack: Reggie Yates' Extreme Russia

Sometimes in the west some go all drama queen in the lgbt if they don't even get their latest wheatgrass smoothie served in a rainbow cup but this documentry shows real homophobia and it is quiet is the synopsis

In the second of three programmes revealing the extreme side of Russia, Reggie Yates finds out what life is really like for young people in what has been described as the hardest place in Europe to be gay, a year after the introduction of the anti-propaganda law. He travels to St Petersburg for Queerfest, a 10-day arts and culture get-together for the LGBT community. Reggie spends time on both sides of the battle lines - with the Queefest team as they face the daily fight to keep their festival open, and the homophobes who want to see it closed. He also meets Dayra, a young lesbian viciously stabbed and left for dead by homophobes, and activist Kiril who is still fighting back and who shows Reggie how Putin's repressive laws make it almost impossible to protest without risk of arrest. On the other side, Reggie meets leaders of Orthodox pressure groups like God's Will, who would stone gays to death if the law allowed it, and Vitali Milonov, the architect of the anti-gay propaganda law. SUB

If you miss this and are in the U.K. then it will be avaliable for 7 days on the BBC iplayer

Also on Pick tv their is a forbidden love programme that is about a couple where who are mtf and ftm and how they came from their early years working through transition and leading into marriage