I'm Offended

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I'm Offended

Postby PiF » Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:53 am

I'm offended that your offended that you feel I am offensive and your offended at that.

I raise this because of the current situation with Germaine Greer, Probably one of the most well known feminists for half a decade ...expressed an opinion ..... She also refused to back down from her position that transgender women, who have begun life as men before undergoing surgery and hormone treatment to become women, are “not women”, saying they do not “look like, sound like or behave like women”.

It would be unfair to say that is all she said but it was a bbc interview for newsnight should you wish to see it

As usual, having an opinion offends the faux feminists so much so that an expected talk at Cardiff uni has seen some try to ban her from the uni

It would seem ironic that greer who has campaigned for female equal views could now be banned by ...females claiming to be feminists

I feel an empathy with Greer here as the current politically correct police are NOT seeking to enlighten to all views to hopefully raise a general consensus...but instead small minority bullies on the internet are trying to restrict and stop people having different views...but it seems the way of the internet that some go looking for people who are confident in opinion..just to claim they are offended by them and then try for their 15 minutes of "fame" by launching "campaigns" so they can claim to be "activists"...your not! your closed minded ignorant bullies

I will listen to Greer as I would to most people who I feel has a point...that does not mean I will agree with it...it also does not make me a bigot if I disagree with them ....it simply means I have a different view

Personally on this issue ....trans for me has always been about who you feel on this inside and not on the outside...the physical transition is simply the icing on the cake or the last piece of the jigsaw if you will

To end...whilst there is a delicious irony of Greer now facing some of her own sillyness....when "feminists" turn on feminists ..then the balance of the politically correct thought police has gone to far...and that offends me