Minorities get on my tits

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Minorities get on my tits

Postby PiF » Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:07 am

Minorities it seems, have their own groups within them that like to feel special in every way. You know the types, everyone at school got a medal just for turning up but one or two then claim to be different so want more special medals and if they don't get their way then you "are denying them"

Needless to say unless they run into another person of the same "it's everyone else not me" method of life, then they will end up hating their cats as they die angry alone, no friends, no partner, no life just a laptop and stupid uninformed opinions

Occasionally whilst away I popped in when aven was working and saw someone had started a uk government petition to "protect asexuals"

here https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/115857

What that person applying and making the aven thread, forgot to mention was this about the 2010 act which actually covers already people of all genders and sexuality

However what seems to happen with SOME within minorities is that unless they are SPECIFICALLY mentioned then they feel they are VICTIMS. Boring boring people

Lets have a laugh though and see what they are asking for..they want asexuals specifically rather than as a sexual umbrella to be protected. So the governemnt asks...okay what is an Asexual and the petitioner says easy...an asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction

Then you will get about a dozen saying hey no it's all about desire, then another few will say hey what about us the demi's, the lith's, the semi's, the greys, and hey what about us auto whatever the f*ck it is this week

The trouble is then unless you include every single label upon label upon label upon label then you will always get some special snowflake state..unless you name us specifically then you are against us and are enabling it..despite hardly any of them ever experiencing hate because who they think they are, in real life they haven't told anyone at all.

In the U.K. Asexuals ARE covered by the sexual equalities and sexual orientations sections. We do not need an asexual specific bill of protection

In aven, if they did have one then it would only protect about 10% anyway as the other 90% of aven are sexual.

So no mister petitioner, we are already seen as special snowflakes without the U.K. government thinking so too.