Avens admins and mods 2 year tenure..part 2

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Avens admins and mods 2 year tenure..part 2

Postby PiF » Wed May 11, 2016 8:14 am


We have established that by some margin that the largest majority on numerous polls have said that the membership and some of avens own team feel mods/admin roles should be for a fixed term...the 2 year term is inline with a successfull way of operating the same standard WITHIN the backroom already by avens Project team

Only a handfull of existingmods/admins are refusing to accept the vast majorities wishes and even they offer no real points of obstruction other they don't like it and being accountable may see them not being relected. Those very few individuals need to raise their game or walk away, their apathy should not be a standard that is acceptable.

So it's wanted, it isn't going to go away, it works and most of all it is needed..so how do we implement it?

Away from the fear factory of the nay sayers...any change often has a transition period but once through that and within a short time, people will just use the new system as though it has always been that way..so the actual act of the 2 year term for mod and admin roles..is incredibly easy to do...but,how you implement it with a team of, lets be honest, a team that has rarely had good planning for avens future as their strongest point..is the difficult point..with that in mind I offer a possible way through

I've seen mention of why not at the end of the two years simply have a vote of confidence for the existing mod...sounds great, no election needed, minimum fuss.

I have two concerns over why this would not work. Firstly given the way the team currently works, i think most of us would suspect that within a relatively short time, some in the team will try and rule change it back claiming "hey why run an election, we get back in anyway"..you know some of them would..but more importantly it also takes away the equal opportunity for new people to apply..opportunity should not just be a boys club, it should be avaliable to everyone

Secondly..what if that person is not voted back in?..it's one thing to lose in an election with other people, it's another to be shame voted out...I see no possible bonus to doing that and it would be harsh to do that to an individual...also what if they do not get the vote of confidence to stay? an election would happen anyway..would we ban them as we have already voted no confidence in them? would this be like a double kick in the teeth and very publicly?...I know, me caring about existing team members...who knew?

My own feeling in most things has always been KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid...so at the end of the two years the ex mod/admin simply along with others , throws their ring, spoon, hat , cat or cod piece into the ring to run for the vacancy and from there, everyone has a fair chance in a fair election..it really is that simple..everyone gets a chance to run, everyone gets a chance to shine, everyone gets a chance to say what they are offereing, would benefit aven..equality within the system

That and that alone^^^ is all you need at the end of the two years..a simple and fair election

so again it's not the two year term that is the problem for most but the question is how you implement it

My own feeling is that it should go like this..we cannot and should not shut out the team, members and the team need to build bridges and not blow them up..if that is a problem for some in the team then either get on board or move on..aven is for everyone, not just a handfull..but the team must be involved.

As I mentioned the other day..all mods would have their start date publicly recorded in this already existing mod created thread..from that point clear information will help with election planning, forecast and projects because people will have clear reference points..we should show the start date and the re-election date

http://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/1182 ... nd-admins/

I hear one or two say ? what?.....on that existing list, it would show say a mod called duke..the list would show under the current mods list duke 1st May 2016 - 30th April 2018 ....yup it's that simple..when you started in the backroom and when your 2 year tenure finishes

So again..we have the plan that works, the reference points in plain view which will help election planning, project planning, new implementation and a far fairer accountable mod system..so where is the problem then..it all seems peachy and easy

The areas seem to be..if you are newly elected then being told the 2 year date won't really be a big issue..the problem seems to be what happens to those who have been in the backroom longer than 2 years already????

i've thought about this and there is no way around it, if you have been in the backroom longer than 2 years, at some point you will need to run again if you wish too

We must keep the backroom involved so my own thoughts where, given some projects have already started , it would be unworkable to simply go bammm..lets start it next month..that would be chaos and unworkable

So my proposal would be something like this

The two year tenure for admods is coming in and for good reason..but if we leave it too long..certian admods will try and sabotage it and would try and destroy aven rather than be accountable..too short and it would be unworkable as rushing in rarely gets things right first time

So my proposal would be to select 3 dates from when the two year tenure should be implemented..for example the 1st of July 2016, 1st september 2016, 1st december 2016...to prove this is not targetted at any mod or admin..the vote for the date would be an open aven member vote which of course mods, admins, pt, dt are all entitled to vote in

I'm going to use a date not on the list purely as an example of what follows

Say we choose the 15th october, all roles are an agreed 2 year term , if you are currently in the backroom then your start date is the important part

We know a few will be affected by this AT TRANSITION STAGE but this will soon settle down and the transition will be quite short in relative terms

say mod a joined on the 21st june 2016 then their role would see an election for the role they were currently in, on the 21st june 2018

say mod B joined on 21st december 2010 then their role would would see a election for the role they are currently in on the next 21st december anniversary after the implementation date

say mod c joined in 17th september 2005, then their current role would be advertised on the next 17th september anniversary after the implementation date

effectively once the 15th october 2016 started then those over 2 years would see that role at their next anniversary date be open for election which of course they can run again if they wish of which i'm sure quite a few will

Now I know those who do not want this will try and nitpick for their own and not avens benefit but...it is a member vote when it will start..so it's fair to all and within a very short time everyone will be adopting the two year role term

Now I can see some say ..hey..that means I would be out in 6 months (as an example)..not true..the role you are currently in will be advertised in 6 months BUT you can run if you want too..and lets not forget you will have already had more than 2 years you greedy sausage :D

Again...the two year system has been tried in the backroom, there is no issue with it, those who will reach the 2 years will again to be allowed to run for any vacant mod role on the same terms as any member..we know this works and works well

so when we change, the implementation date will be fairly selected by avens own members and from that point the relatively short transition begins and by using backroom join dates, the elections are as they now, spread throughout the year to avoid any mass election issues..then when the transition phase has passed..it will be a backroom of accountable admods that can also have the better information and timescales to help build a more inclusive aven backed by a fairer and supportive backroom

I would like to finish on this..traditionally transitions would have had casualities....this one does not..as every single mod in a role, can re-apply for that role or ex admin for that mod role too..that rarely happens...it has built into this transition, the ability to have opportunity for all, both existing and future

Happy to answer questions in case I've missed anything out?...I commend this to the house :D