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Postby PiF » Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:48 pm

From the minute you are start to die..

you won't look at it that way whilst your young but in no time at all the young person you thought you suddenly being called old by those who have taken your young persons place

when your really young the honesty of that age means the most important thing is how long can you stay out with your friends before your mum calls out....hey in, it's tea time...those idyllic carefree days

Then school where we all learn our first and very hard lessons about finding "our place in the world" when in truth unless you die right at that momment...your place in the world will take the rest of your life but not through a painful path of teenage hood but more in an evolving learning way..yes we all change with age

Mortgage, kids, jobs, relationships all happen too fast and take your idyllic youth away and you find there is no way back...there was never supposed to be but you always wished there was...there is no way back because life is a book full of chapters, paragraphs and sentences..all offering future possibilities and past memories

by 50 you start to see people you knew appear in the obituaries and it leads to the harsh reality that you are walking towards a time that your body will give in, your mind maybe lost and no matter how clever, rich, fabulous or impressive you think you will die

It happens quicker than you think..if you are 25 now, one third of your life has probably already gone and yet it went by so fast you barely noticed it

You can if you want ...spend the rest of your life looking backwards and for those who do that...some of you sadly will not make it but most of you will..we are human after all..we do what we must do to survive

But life is like you live to work or work to live ?...if all you are is memories of the past, then you alone deprive yourself of memories yet to be made and yes....there are definitely memories to be made me on this

friends yet to meet, loves yet to love, people who you touch their lives in a good way and they touch your life too...but above have more to offer than you think, you are more than just the latest fad or or throw away device

I've always felt you are born on a pre determined time and die on a pre determined time but...the road of life that takes you between those two points is very much written by you..yes you,,you have more power over who you are than you realise

You offer what you do not know, but overtime will realise your worth and what differences you are more than you are you..and that is something very special

I'll end this with a speech from an actor who made his name from doing no speech in silent films and it's from his film the dictator, Charlie Chaplin

TMI has an accompanying video which I must point out does have some strong images so if you are easily offended please do not look

It shows we are more good than bad and we all have the potential to help each other..we do so because it is who we are, who we were meant to be..and you you..are stronger because of your love for are more important than you will ever just need to give yourself a break now and again <3