Participants needed

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Participants needed

Postby diana82 » Sun Nov 02, 2008 10:09 am

Participants Needed in Voluntarily Celibate Romantic Relationship Study

Purpose of Study: We are conducting research on the ways celibate partners communicate with each other and with outsiders regarding their celibate romantic relationships. Voluntarily celibate romantic relationships are relationships where participants in the relationship abstain from sexual intimacy for the duration of the relationship.

Participation Criteria: In order to participate in this study you must meet the following criteria:
1) You must be at least 19 years-old
2) Be in (or have been in) a voluntarily celibate romantic relationship and
3) Have been in the relationship for a minimum of three months.

What Study Includes:
- Approximately one-hour long interview
- Interviews will be audio-recorded and ask you to answer a number of open-ended questions about your romantic relationship.
- All responses to these interview questions will be kept confidential and at no time will your identity be revealed in the analysis and or reporting of research results.

Your participation is completely voluntary. At any time throughout the interview you may choose not to answer any question(s) and you are free to leave at any time that you do not feel comfortable.

Please contact Diana Breshears or Darren Epping in the Communication Studies department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln: or