Asexual Fetishist vs. Sexual Fetishist

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Asexual Fetishist vs. Sexual Fetishist

Postby StrangeCreature » Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:15 am

This may be somewhat NSFW...although hopefully not too much so.

I have a sneeze fetish. I love to hear people sneeze, see them sneeze, and be sneezed on. This is the only thing that turns me on. When I "get off" to this fetish, I hump a table...I don't feel sexually attracted to the table, but I do like the sensation. It's a form of masturbation I've used since before I knew what masturbation was.The partners I have had in the past have complained that all I want to do is hump furniture and be sneezed on. They get upset because I don't want to engage in anything involving them other than their sneezes. I don't want to jerk them off or even have them do anything to me. It's boring, and I can't orgasm that way. Sex is not at all interesting to me, and I used to be scared by it. Now I am mostly bored by it and a tad uncomfortable with the idea...granted, it does sometimes still scare me. I don't like kissing, and cuddling for long periods of time is uncomfortable for me. It seems as if I am attracted to the sneeze itself rather than the person who is sneezing. It doesn't really matter terribly who is sneezing. I just love the sneeze, I love the spray, I love the snot. That's about it. I'll take a sneeze from just about anyone. A sneeze is a sneeze in my mind.

I've been looking through definitions, and I'm not certain if I am an asexual fetishist, or just have a fetish that cancels out normal sexual acts. Someone pointed out an article written on this forum by Doppel, located here: http://www.asexualit...xuality-is-not/

This makes me slightly more confused, since sneezes are something a person does...and yet, I don't really associated sneezes with the person. It's a bit strange, I guess....

I've never really understood what sexual attraction is, and what it isn't. Maybe that says a lot...I definitely have tried to figure out if I do indeed feel sexually attracted to either women or men...I'm not so sure I'm sexually attracted to either...definitely not men.

I've also browsed around on a forum for sneeze fetishists, and noticed some key things:

-Sneeze fetishists feel sexually aroused by the sneezes of a certain gender (or in some cases, a certain sex)
-Sneeze fetishists are more turned on by sneezes from someone they find attractive, but sometimes turned off by sneezes from people they are NOT attracted to
-Sneeze fetishists both masturbate to sneezes, and like to engage in sex
-Sneeze fetishists with a true fetish (psychologically speaking), generally need sneezes to feel turned on, which is typical of "true" fetishes

Personally, I could care less which gender a person sneezing is, and I don't really care if I find them attractive or not...and if I find them attractive, it's really just aesthetic attraction and no deeper. I masturbate to sneezes, and need sneezes to be turned on, but I have no interest in engaging in sex. I've never understood how or why they cared who was sneezing and why they preferred sneezes from one person over sneezes from another (minus the particular sound, amount of spray, and facial expressions). Perhaps I do now. I've been asked what else turns me on by some, and my response almost always comes as a shock to them, "Nothing else turns me on."

Taking terms and definitions into mind, what would this qualify as? Asexual fetishist? Thoughts?

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Re: Asexual Fetishist vs. Sexual Fetishist

Postby PiF » Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:29 am

I think fetishes can be by both sexual and asexual. As contrary as it seems I know quite a few asexuals into s&m as well as fetishes. Their hapyness comes from the control of something in a safe way